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(Below) Installed Rectangle Filter

(Below) Installed Round Filter

         These new filters are nothing like the old press in type filters. The R&R Services "New Replacement filters" give you 30% more filter area and hold onto the outside of the chamber other than use up the chamber with a thick tube that reduces the flow of ink.

         We know what we are talking about because we were the inventors of the press in type filters and the Patent holder on that filter. The press in filters have been distributed for about five years and we all have known its shortcomings, but it was the best idea of its time.

         Not so any longer, our New R&R Replacement Filter has finally been introduced to the inkjet industry and I must say, not a day too soon. We here at R&R Services know that many of our customers are being hit and hit hard by this recession. So new products, at a lower price, that do a better job is whatís needed. Thatís exactly what we have done here with the New R&R Services Replacement Filter. Replacement filters at a lower price that work much better than the old replacement filter.

        This is a "Win, Win" proposition. Better price, better product, not many of those deals around are there? We offer free sample of these filters to anyone that calls or emails us here at R&R Services. So what have you got to lose except the pain of cleaning and refilling these hard to refurbish cartridges only to find out that a better filter was what was needed.

     All we ask is that you try them.......


Round Filters  

LEX-12A1970, 17G0050, 13400HC, 10N0016, 10N0217

100-499:       .65each

Rectangle Filters


100-499:       .70each


Just one tool is needed to install the round as well as the rectangular filter and itís at a lower price than the old type of filters as well, just $49.00.