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Mini 57 Sprayer The most versatile Sprayer we have!!

This new sprayer has the ability to thoroughly clean your cartridges from foam to nozzle. This will clean the filters, the chimney tube and nozzle. This added top plate feature will also give you the ability to see how the water is exiting through the cartridge nozzles, showing you if all the nozzle holes are clear.

Holds 10 Cartridges
Recommended water pressure, 30 to 45 Lbs.
Weight, 7.5 Lbs.
Height, 6.5 in.
Width, 5.5 in.
Length, 14 in.

Cleans the following Cartridges:

HP 6656, 6657, 6658, c8728, 8727, 8728
      21, 22, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 97, 98,       99, & 100
DELL T0530

Standard Filters
LEX-12A1970, 17G0050, 13400HC, 10N0016, 10N0217

Our filters are made from the same material that manufacturers use to make the original filter. These filters are of the highest quality and are kept that way by the cleaning and packaging methods we use. Our Standard filters are cleaned in an autoclave. This method steam cleans and disinfects the filters preventing the growth of mold or algae.

1000-1999:       .20each

Standard Filters

Standard filters are applied in seconds with our welders. When replacing filters in larger quantities you may prefer this type of filter rather then a press ins filter.

1000-1999:       .25each

Cartridge Foam Sprayers Cartridge Sprayers
Epson 9 Filler Cage

                    Solving Problems Is Our Business
Raymond Shaw founded R&R Services in 1974 as a business to serve the printed circuit board industry. Soon we were involved in a number of new interests including jigs, fixtures, small machines and specialized fabrication. We were asked to build much of this equipment for some of the most well known corporations in the world such as Litton Guidance, Lockheed, Boeing and Northrop. Doing work for corporations such as these for over 35 years has given us the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the finest engineers in the world. It also gave us a background in problem solving that we can now apply to the development of our cartridge equipment. 

  Five years ago, R&R Services shifted its focus to accommodate the needs of the inkjet cartridge remanufacturing industry by making Inkjet cartridge cleaners, Inkjet cartridge filters, Inkjet cartridge welders, and other various types of Inkjet cartridge equipment. 

  R&R's determination to contribute to the remanufacturing industry has been well established. The company builds user-friendly equipment designed for safety, simplicity, speed, reliability, accuracy and efficiency. Our equipment is easy to handle and training time is very minimal.



For Dec. and Jan. our cap-cutters are at a discounted price from $550.00 to $450.00

Filter Welders
Regular Price $1800.00
Special Price $1400.00
Welder #1 works with: LEX-10N0016,10N0217, 12A1970, 17G0050, 13400HC, DELL-TO529
Welder #2 works with: LEX-18L0032, DELL-7Y743
Now does the Dell series 7

This welder was designed to quickly and easily replace the filter in your cartridge. These welders can easily replace 2000 filters a day at a very low cost. Clearly this system of remanufacturing ink jet cartridges is the way of the future.
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Cap Removers


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