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12 Sprayer Sink
Universal Use

This sink holds up to 12 standard R&R sprayers or a combination of standard and mini sprayers.  With 12 outlets this sink cleans from 8 to 672 cartridges at a time.  This sink can spray multiple cartridge types at one time depending on the sprayers being used.  Equipped with a 2 horse power adjustable pump your sink will draw water from a 500 gallon built in reservoir.  Cartridges can be replaced while others are being cleaned.

Weight, 750 lbs
Height, 63 inches
Width, 4 feet
Length, 9 ft

4 Sprayer Dryer Sink
Universal Use

This unit will replace three methods currently being used by inkjet cartridge remanufactures.

The cartridges will be handled only one time.  When the process is finished the cartridges will be removed clean and dry, sponge an all.

R&R Services has developed this amazing product to cut labor costs dramatically and to replace centrifuges and ovens.  The smaller of the two units can be run by one operator and can easily service 20,000 cartridges per month.  R&R Services believes small companies will explode overnight with this capability and large companies will cut labor costs drastically.




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