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Filter Remover
Filter Welder


Filter welder
LEX-10N0016, 10N0217, 12A1970, 17G0050, 13400HC

This welder was designed to quickly and easily replace the filter in your cartridge. These welders can easily replace 2000 filters a day at a very low cost. Clearly this system of remanufacturing ink jet cartridges is the way of the future.

Weight, 16 Lbs
Power, 110 volts
Variable heat Controller Supplied
Height, 17 in.
Width, 10 in.
Length, 12 in

Filter Welder
, DH838

Now does the Dell series 7

This welder replaces the rectangular shaped filters that you find in cartridges such as the Dell-7Y743. This welder, as with the other, can easily replace 2000 filters a day.

Weight, 16 Lbs
Power 110 volts
Variable Heat Controller Supplied
Height, 17 in.
Width, 10 in;
Length, 12 in .



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